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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:

Three ECS professors consider the Web's future

Wendy Hall, Tim Berners-Lee, Nigel Shadbolt
Wendy Hall, Tim Berners-Lee, Nigel Shadbolt

Fifteen years ago (30 April 1993) CERN announced that the Web could be used free by anyone. To mark the anniversary three ECS professor comment for the BBC on the Web's future.

Today, 30 April 2008, in a commemorative article on BBC's Technology web site, three ECS professors: Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Professor Wendy Hall and Professor Nigel Shadbolt comment on their hopes for the Web's future.

The three professors, who are all members of the School's Intelligence, Agents and Multimedia research group, are founder directors of the Web Science Research Initiative, a long-term research collaboration between ECS at Southampton and CSAIL at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Tim Berners-Lee comments: 'What's exciting is that people are building new social systems, new systems of review, new systems of governance. My hope is that those will produce... new ways of working together effectively and fairly which we can use globally to manage ourselves as a planet.'

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Posted by Joyce Lewis on 30 Apr 2008.