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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:

Speaker(s): warning! 
Organiser: Dr Enrico H Gerding
Time: 14/04/2008 13:00-14:00
Location: B32/3077


Web browsing is a complex activity and in general, users are not guided during browsing. Our hypothesis is that browsing can be supported better by using Semantic Web technologies and personalization methods. Semantic Web technologies supply powerful knowledge representation formalisms and inferencing mechanisms on the Web. This power can be used for better user support during browsing. Additionally different users have different browsing needs and the page content and hyperlinks should be adapted accordingly. Adaptive hypermedia is a solution, where personalization mechanisms adapt information to the needs of the users. However, existing approaches are obstructive; users need to log in to multiple websites and enter their personal information and preferences, and the profiles are different for each site. There is a need for generic user profiles, which can also support the user’s browsing.

The aim of this research is investigating Semantic Web technologies and user modeling approaches to better support browsing using adaptive hypermedia and enriched semantic hyperlinks. In this talk we discuss semantic metadata, Semantic Web enabled systems and adaptive systems. Then, we address issues and challenges that need to be considered to achieve personalized enriched semantic hyperlinks using open RDF data. Finally, we present a novel personalized Semantic Web browser (SemWeB), which uses a behaviour-based and an ontology-driven user modeling architecture. Then, we briefly discuss the architecture of the system, the semantic hyperlinking mechanism, the user model and the adaptation mechanism. With our approach, semantic links and adaptive hypermedia can be achieved on different websites.

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