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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:

Speaker(s): Dr Kalyan Basu
Organiser: Dr Enrico H Gerding
Time: 19/05/2008 14:00-15:00
Location: B32/3077


Working computer scientists may be considered as “extreme information workers”. Their information processing needs are prodigious and complex, yet relatively little systematic thinking or practice has gone into application frameworks or the theoretical scaffolding which could support these needs. “Point solutions” – some extremely ingenious and well-designed – abound in the field; these tend to be stove-piped, and difficult to manage, sustain or share. This talk would outline some of the more challenging requirements in designing and building these systems, focusing particularly on rich information capture and collaboration application frameworks. The problems relate mostly to flexible information capture mechanisms, intelligent domain-specific object recognizers, visual representations and models, complex object storage and search, experimental workflow. The problems and possible solutions would be situated in the context of the vision for this area in Microsoft Research.

Speaker Biography

Dr Kalyan Basu

Kalyan Basu manages a number of programs related to computational eScience and Scalable, Sustainable Computing in the External Research group of Microsoft Research. Kalyan has a background in Programming Languages Semantics, and Type Theory. Prior to joining Microsoft, he had a research career, working as post-doctoral associate in Munich and Edinburgh, and in the faculty at I.I.T. He spent a number of years in the product groups in Microsoft, before returning to research in MSR in Redmond. He believes that Computational eSciences throw up some of the toughest theoretical and practical challenges in Computer Science, and loves to work on these problems with internal and external partners.