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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:

Speaker(s): warning! 
Time: 19/10/2009 14:00-15:00
Location: B32/3077


Participation in Socially oriented Web Sites is continuing to increase as more and more people realize the benefits of and online presence. Many speculate that in the future, individuals will maintain multiple online identities to cater for a diverse range of interests, activities and communities. This presentation will report on work carried out on the TAGora project, a recent STREP investigating Semiotic Dynamics in Online Social Communities, including research on cross- folksonomy analysis, automatic disambiguation, and the building of profiles of interests. The culmination of this work provided a basis for the Live Social Semantics application: a Semantic Web enabled platform for integrating face-to-face communication with on-line social networking information. While it is clear that consolidation and integration of Web2.0 data supports a plethora of exciting and useful services, the determination of providers to protect their data impedes progress. Will the Semantic Web come to the rescue? Will unwillingness to open and share data be the ultimate downfall of these providers?

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