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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:

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Seminars 2004/2005 Academic Year
(01/09/2004 - 30/10/2005)

Dr Klaus-Peter Zauner
Monday 17th October 2005
Molecular Information Technology
Dr. Simone Stumpf
Friday 26th August 2005
TaskTracer: Capturing and Leveraging Records of Human Tasks
Cees De Laat
Wednesday 25th May 2005
Research on the LambdaGrid and GLIF
Alan Newell and Norman Alm
Tuesday 17th May 2005
Systems for Older and Disabled People: Research in Applied Computing at the University of Dundee
Rajdeep K Dash
Monday 9th May 2005
Computational Mechanism Design for Multi-Agent Systems
Prof David C De Roure
Monday 25th April 2005
The FloodNet Project
A Maria R Karam
Wednesday 23rd March 2005
A study on the use of gestures for secondary task interactions
Michael H. Rothkopf
Tuesday 15th March 2005
Combinatorial Auctions and Industrial Procurement
Doug Tudhope
Monday 14th March 2005
Towards Terminology Services
Jeremy Cooperstock
Monday 7th March 2005
Engaging Technolog(ies) for Effective Interaction
Professor Subbiah Arunachalam
Tuesday 1st March 2005
Making Knowledge Work for the Rural Poor
Abigail Sellen
Monday 21st February 2005
The Ubiquitous Camera: An In-Depth Study of Cameraphone Use
Hugh Glaser and Nicholas Gibbins
Monday 14th February 2005
Beyond Research in the Semantic Web
Alan Dix
Tuesday 8th February 2005
The unSemantic Web
Professor Victor Lesser
Friday 4th February 2005
Multi-agent systems: Challenges and Directions
Olusola Idowu
Monday 24th January 2005
Bacillus subtilis protein interaction network analysis
Dr Klaus-Peter Zauner
Monday 29th November 2004
Informed Matter and Synthetic Biology: Information Science meets the Material World
Dr. Whai-En Chen
Wednesday 24th November 2004
IPv6-based SIP VoIP development and deployment in Taiwan
Dr Richard A Watson
Monday 15th November 2004
Compositional Evolution: The impact of Sex, Symbiosis and Modularity on the Gradualist Framework of Evolution
Rafael H. Bordini
Monday 1st November 2004
A Verifiable Approach to Programming Multi-Agent Systems
Timothy D Brody
Monday 25th October 2004
The Citation Impact of Open Access
Lora Aroyo and Vania Dimitrova
Tuesday 12th October 2004
Interactive Ontology-Based User Modelling for Delivery of Personalised Learning Content
Rafael González-Cabero
Monday 11th October 2004
Development of Semantic Web Services
Irina Shklovski
Thursday 23rd September 2004
Exploring Technology Through the Lens of Residential Mobility