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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:

ECS Intranet:
Seminars 2007/2008 Academic Year (Semester 2)
(01/02/2008 - 30/09/2008)

Matthew S. Weber
Monday 29th September 2008
Evolving Structures of News Dissemination
Tuesday 29th July 2008
The Development of Web Science in China
Prof David C De Roure
Monday 9th June 2008
The New e-Science
Prof. Claudio Mezzetti
Monday 2nd June 2008
Mechanism Design with Interdependent Valuations
Dr Kalyan Basu
Monday 19th May 2008
Digital Assets for Working Scientists: The View from Microsoft
Dr Peter McBurney
Monday 21st April 2008
Multi-Agent Dialogs over Action
Melike Sah
Monday 14th April 2008
Designing a Personalized Semantic Web Browser
Prof. Dr. J├Ârg Fliege
Monday 7th April 2008
Computational Optimization Issues in Wireless Telecommunication Networks
Professor Mike Holcombe
Monday 31st March 2008
Large-scale Agent-based Models in Biology and Economics
Dr. Rafael H. Bordini
Monday 10th March 2008
A Verifiable Approach to Programming Multi-Agent Systems
Sebastian Stein
Monday 3rd March 2008
Flexible Provisioning of Service Workflows
Dr Simon Parsons
Monday 25th February 2008
Thoughts on Empirical Mechanism Design
Dr Ted Nelson
Monday 18th February 2008
Dr Yuri Kalnishkan
Tuesday 12th February 2008
Entropy in On-line Learning