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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:

ECS Intranet:
Seminars 2008/2009 Academic Year (Semester 2)
(01/02/2009 - 30/09/2009)

Lawrence Stephenson
Tuesday 4th August 2009
iTunesU: perspectives and potential
Dr Nicola Gatti
Monday 6th July 2009
Single-Robot Patrolling with Adversaries in Arbitrary Environments
Prof Georg Gottlob
Monday 8th June 2009
Hypertree Decompositions, NP hard Optimization Problems, and Combinatorial Auctions
Dr Thomas D Voice
Monday 1st June 2009
Flow Control in Internet-like Communication Networks
Dr Robin Burke
Wednesday 6th May 2009
Robust Recommender Systems
Dr Michal Pechoucek
Thursday 2nd April 2009
AGENTFLY: Multi-agent UAV collision avoidance
Prof David C De Roure
Monday 30th March 2009
e-Research in IAM
Dr WT Luke Teacy
Monday 23rd March 2009
A Hierarchical Bayesian Trust Model based on Reputation and Group Behaviour
Dr David Leslie
Monday 16th March 2009
Generalised weakened fictitious play and random belief equilibrium
Harry Halpin
Monday 9th March 2009
Beyond Ontologies: Social Semantics for the Semantic Web
Professor Stephen McArthur
Monday 23rd February 2009
Intelligence, Agents and Smart Grids: The Electric Power System of the Near Future?
Dr Lisa Geijtenbeek-Colledge
Monday 16th February 2009
Performance, Planning and Funding: a new direction for Elsevier
Prof Alan Dix
Monday 9th February 2009
Bad things may be good for you
Dr Tugkan Batu
Monday 2nd February 2009
Testing Distributions for Goodness of fit, Homogeneity, and Independence