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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:

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Silicon Photovoltaics

Southampton Universities Microfabrication Facility is the national centre for silicon based microelectronics with a 600m2 cleanroom with full lithographic, deposition, etching and characterisation capability. Currently the facility does not have standardised solar cell processes. This workpackage will establish facility processes for the fabrication of crystalline and polycrystalline solar cells with efficiencies of ~20% and ~14% respectively. This will directly be of benefit to the wider UK photovoltaic research community who will then have access to these baseline capabilities via EPSRC facility requests. This work will also provide important first steps towards our longer term goals from this baseline we will be able to readily attempt new structures, devices and processes.

Type: Postgraduate Research
Research Group: Nano Research Group
Theme: Materials & Technology
Dates: 1st May 2004 to 30th April 2008


Principal Investigators

Other Investigators

URI: http://id.ecs.soton.ac.uk/project/247
RDF: http://rdf.ecs.soton.ac.uk/project/247

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